Bow Wow Dog Houses is a featured product line of our parent company Brent-Wood Products of Los Angeles a family owned and operated company with three generations of wood working experience and design established in 1963.

In 2010 Bow Wow Dog Houses was born into the Brent-Wood family of products when owners Anna Olin and Larry Hobbs were looking for a dog house that was durable, weatherproof and would fit the sizing needs of their dog.  After careful review of the housing products available, Larry decided to design his own dog house using Upcycled material from Brent-Wood Products.  After building the design, which is the basis for our standard models, Anna and Larry began receiving requests from customers, co-workers, family and friends for various sizes of the standard home, and it was then that they decided to create a new product line dedicated to designing and building quality, environmental-friendly dog houses for various dog breeds.

Using quality Upcycled wood materials and hardware products made in the USA, Bow Wow Dog Houses has earned a reputation in the industry of making quality dog homes at affordable prices.  We take great pride in the workmanship of every home.  Our goal is to be environmentally conscious of our natural resources, sensible in the economics of our work, and deliver exceptional customer service experiences through building quality pet products.

Bow Wow Dog Houses offers sizing options to 5 standard sizes and introduced The Signature Series featuring themed dog houses unique in design and comfort.

In 2015 The Tucker Box Line featuring wood framed beds and bowls was released to great reviews.  The same principles that make The Bow Wow Dog House product so great has been carried over to The Tucker Line as well.  The Tucker Box Bed has features that make cleaning a breeze, the optional mattress is machine washable and there are 3 sizes to choose from.

Grow. Build. Love.