Bow Wow Dog Houses

We currently are in the grassroots stage of our relaunch, which will begin modestly with an un-assembled kit version of our popular standard, dura temp sided dog house. The house would deliver to you in a flat pack, a total of 3 boxes, floor, walls, and roof. The assembly plan is simple and is supported by our staff, it would arrive unpainted.

The kit will also be able to accommodate some of the add on features such as a front porch, windows, and solar-powered exhaust fan as they become available. These add-on features will also come in kit form and will be in the same easy to assemble format supported by instructional videos and our expert service team.

Our goal has always been simple, to provide a quality pet home, that is environmentally safe, and has the ability to be customized to fit your pet. We hope you will be interested in joining us on this new journey. If not, we understand and we will be continuing to build upon this platform and developing additional products and services as they become available that may be a good fit for you. 


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